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What is an Energy Broker and Why You Need One

Time is money. If you are tired of browsing through energy provider options and trying to figure out which one is the most cost-effective for your business, look no further than an energy broker. 

As the middleman between energy consumers and providers, energy brokers strive to secure the best rates possible for their clients. Utilizing an energy broker can optimize your energy procurement contracts and potentially reduce your energy costs.

Energy Procurement Expedited

Procuring energy involves businesses purchasing various energy products. This process entails assessing the costs and advantages of different contract types, like fixed or variable prices and contract duration.

Regrettably, many businesses fail to fully explore their energy options due to a short-term mindset. However, effective energy procurement requires strategic thinking to anticipate future changes in energy needs. This is where your trusted energy broker comes in. 

Why Contract an Energy Broker

Energy brokers are skilled professionals in the energy industry who dedicate their time to analyzing clients’ historical energy usage and researching new industry trends, technologies, and policies. With their expertise, they assist businesses in making informed decisions by obtaining optimized energy contracts. Energy brokers collaborate with businesses aiming to reduce utility expenses or secure suitable energy plans that align with their facility and operating schedule.

Essentially, an energy broker is a company that works on behalf of commercial and industrial customers to secure the most favorable rates from energy suppliers. The suppliers usually compensate these brokers and negotiate to obtain lower energy prices. In summary, an energy broker will get you the following: 

  • The most cutting edge system
  • Tailored solutions for your energy project
  • Better pricing through close partnerships with suppliers
  • Expedited sourcing
  • Coordinated logistics

How to Choose an Energy Broker

A reliable commercial energy broker aims to find the best energy contracts, ensuring significant time savings and better deals for their customers. If you’re new to purchasing energy, comparing brokers can be challenging due to varying services and terminology. 

Two Types of Energy Brokers

It’s important to understand that there are two types of energy brokers: those who directly sell to customers and those who work on behalf of suppliers. While a direct broker represents a single supplier, a commercial energy broker gathers pricing from multiple suppliers, empowering you to choose the most suitable contract for your facility.

Personalised Approach

Look for an energy broker that provides flexibility and a personalized approach. They should also be ready to negotiate on your behalf for the best contract terms. A knowledgeable energy broker will help you understand the details of your contract and can even negotiate to get more favorable terms with a supplier.

Commercial and industrial facilities are increasingly taking charge of their energy choices. They are installing solar panels on rooftops, investing in wind farms, and establishing community microgrids. This movement is expected to gain momentum as renewable energy technology becomes more affordable and accessible. Energy brokers and advisors closely monitor these energy management trends as they can directly impact energy prices.

Contact Americus Energy about our energy brokerage services today. 

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